Repair and restoration NukeProof Mega AM-TR dropout

This also happens. Complicated dropout with integrated derailleur hanger is faster, cheaper and more practical to restore using repair parts, rather than making the whole product. Joint work with the workshop Uralveloservice. Dropout for NukeProof Mega AM-TR. The problem part is cut off at the Uralveloservis on a manual milling machine; it is more convenient and faster. Then, in our workshop, a replaceable element is being prepared on a CNC machine, which will be screwed to the dropout with M3 countersunk head screws and clamped with the wheel axle. In this replacement element, a fragment of the axial thread M12x1.75 will be made for this. The final assembly was made by specialists of Uralveloservis, the last photo was the result. Pay attention, now the dropout becomes almost eternal. In the event of an accident, only the replacement element is changed, the CNC program for which we already have.

Сломанный дропаут Nukeproof Восстановление дпропаута Nukeproof

Ремонтный дропаут Nukeproof на раме велосипеда

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