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Detail for Rock Machine

  • 22/12/2019

A new model for the rear derailleur hanger No. 345 has replenished our catalog. This bicycle mech ha..


Special order

  • 07/09/2019

Custom reinforced bicycle derailleur hanger with integrated nut for Thru Axle 10x1.0 mm. Fit for Can..


Stels Derailleur Hanger

  • 24/07/2019

And the hanger is interesting. And the owner. And the story.This is a Derailleur Hanger from Stels. ..


Again, a fun case

  • 25/06/2019

New incomprehensible case from the manufacturers of bicycles. Roosters are very similar. They ha..


Norco Derailleur Hanger

  • 18/05/2019

The new model of derailleur hanger no. 309 has expanded our catalog. The 'rooster' of the rear derai..


Back in the USSR

  • 11/04/2019

With this bike derailleur hanger funny story. Of course, in our model database, there was a rear mec..


Three hundredth line taken!

  • 24/03/2019

Yesterday two new models of Derailleur Hangers No.300 and No.301 were added to the catalog at once. ..


From the history of derailleur hanger

  • 11/03/2019

When the trees were large, and all the bicycle frames were steel, the bracket for attaching the rear..


NS Bikes mech hanger for 10 mm axis

  • 24/02/2019

The popular NS Bikes Eccentric and Liar bicycle frames were originally designed for the rear wheels ..


Marin Derailleur Hanger

  • 04/02/2019

The last frame with such a derailleur hanger left the Marin Bikes conveyor 16 years ago. When the 37..


Specialized Sandwich Derailleur Hanger

  • 20/01/2019

Rear Derailler Hanger with an interesting technical solution was created by Specialized engineers. C..


GT Zaskar derailleur hanger

  • 05/01/2019

Another "poker", a rooster with an extreme profile. Rear derailleur hanger for GT Zaskar 100 29-er. ..


Repair and restoration

  • 11/12/2018

This also happens. Complicated dropout with integrated derailleur hanger is faster, cheaper and more..


FRW Napa Valley Hanger

  • 23/11/2018

The new derailleur hanger for bicycles FRW Napa Valley was received in our catalog No. 282. FRW ..


Titanium Frames Hanger

  • 06/11/2018

Aluminum replacement derailleur hanger for titanium frames Rapid (Russian production). Previously, t..


Cannondale Derailleur Hanger

  • 01/11/2018

In vain are attempts to understand why the configurations of hangers are more and more complicated e..


Again the twins

  • 17/10/2018

The differences are minimal, but they are. And as a result, derailleur hangers are not interchangeab..


Format Derailleur Hanger

  • 19/08/2018

Our range of holders for the rear derailleur for the top line of Format bicycles of the Russian manu..


Kona Stab DeLuxe Derailleur Hanger

  • 10/06/2018

Kona Stab DeLuxe Derailleur Hanger. A characteristic feature of this rooster is the use of a Thru Ax..


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